Tips to Keep Your Vagina Fresh and Clean

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We already know that vagina is the most precious and delicate part of womans body. Your vagina requires more attention than any other part, and you should keep the vagina and the vaginal areas clean to ensure that you are in good health. It is essential to monitor the weird growths on your vagina to avoid foul smells.

Most of you do not know that your vagina has certain bacteria, which protect you from getting infections. It is not an easy task to stay comfortable and clean down there, as there are chances of being infected. Your intimate area needs proper care, and here are few significant ways to keep vagina fresh and healthy.

Wiping Your Vagina


Keeping the vagina dry is essential. You should know that a wet vagina invites infections and makes you feel uneasy and irritates you easily. Use a simple and soft dry tissue for wiping your vagina, from front to rear.

Do not do it in the opposite direction, that is, from the anus to vagina, as you may end up dragging the unwanted bacteria here. Using baby wipes is also a wise option because they are soft.

Cotton Innerwear

You should allow your vagina to breathe. Wearing underwear made up of synthetic or polyester materials do not let your skin to breathe, thereby leading to the growth of yeast and bacteria.

Wear cotton undies, especially during the summer season, when you are prone to sweating more. Cotton undies do not cause any irritation and keep your vagina dry.

No Douching

Avoiding douching is necessary, and the reason is that it might contain chemicals, which can wash all the healthy bacteria away. Try to apply rose or lavender essential oils after mixing them with coconut oil or water. The essential oils do not harm the skin in any manner.

Trim Regularly

If your pubic hair is long and bushy, there are chances that you will get infections frequently, and the pungent odor will keep coming back. Ensure that you trim your pubic hair on a regular basis to keep away germs and remain safe.

Washing the Vagina after an Intercourse

You should wash your vagina thoroughly after intercourse as it can minimize the chance of being infected. Washing ensures that the harmful bacteria that might have entered your vagina are removed away. Cleaning yourself after intercourse is a healthy practice that should be adopted by both your partner and you.

The Order of Sex

Enlighten your partner about the harmful consequences that you might have to face if you go from anal to vaginal sex. If you have cleaned your anus and vagina properly, then it is all right. Do not go for this kind of intercourse until you have washed properly.

Avoiding Harsh Soaps

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Using soaps that are harsh can cause an imbalance in the pH level of your vagina. The pH level of your vagina is 3.5-4.5. The imbalance of the pH level can allow the bacteria to breed. Instead of using harsh soaps, you can clean your vagina with lukewarm water only.

Taking care of yourself is mandatory, and you should give special attention to your intimate hygiene. If you face any irritation down there, ensure that you seek expert advice before trying any lotions or moisturizers.